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Multi Dose DPI

Our current MDPI offer comprises two device models  which are  fully proofed and successfully launched to different countries in the world.

Face Mask
FM-P2 Fonna

Our face mask offers uniquie breathing comfort and protection. It is tested and approved accoring to the EN 1827

Assembly & Test Equipment

Our current equipment comprises various Assembly Modules as well as an IPC Test Module and 

Mouthpiece adapters. 


Among others, we offer consulting & support for validation & qualification, and are  experienced in filling, assembly and powder formulation..

Single Dose DPI

Our capsule based Single Dose DPI's are innovative and have a modern design as well as many advantages compared to devices on the market.

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Top Seller

Mora Ellipse

A new smart DPI.

Mora Ellipse is compacter and contains less parts than other devices on the market, while having an improved handling. It is available as a high or low resistance device.


The Sykona is a Multidose Powder Inhalator (MDPI) incorporating an aluminum foil blister strip that contains the dosages required by a patient during a period of one month   (30 calendar days).

Assembly Modules

The Semi-Automatic Assembly Lines for all of our MDPI Devices enables you to assemble our devices with low investment cost. 

The workstations are designed according to ergonomic principles and are equipped with partly mechanized fixtures. The fixture equipment is designed to provide for safe operation and error avoiding assembly according to the POKA YOKE principle.

References / Customer Projects

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