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Mora Ellipse


Compact and Simple Design

In designing the Mora Ellipse, we have kept in mind all relevant factors for the two main players – producing companies and patients.

We have created a price competitive and smart new DPI (Dry Powder Inhalator).

Why choose Mora Ellipse?

Using only one step, the capsule in the device is pierced and ready for use. All other movements are integrated in the design of the device. Due to its unique ellipsoid movement of the body base, the Mora Ellipse® does not require expensive and failure sensitive springs to activate the drug. 


Mora Ellipse is compacter and contains less parts than the Nesat or any other devices on the market, while having an improved handling. It has a smart look, it is small and has an intuitive design – that allows easy handling without failures. 


There are two versions of the Body Base available, so it is possible to use Mora Ellipse as high- or low- resistant Device! 


Utilisation Guide

It was assessed that nearly 90% of patients using inhalers made at least one mistake in their inhalation technique, causing a deficient drug deposition in the lungs. Therefore, we took it on us to create a device that is so easy to use that it almost intuitive. However, it is critical to effectively train patients in the use of the devices.

In just four easy steps, our device delivers the drug to the lungs, easy and effortlessly. Absolutely no hand-breathe coordination is needed and it employs the patient’s inhalation energy to aerosolize the drug.


We offer our clients a competitive device, both in pricing and feasibility. Last but not least, we are open to offering our clients the possibility of obtaining competitive advantage in the market by offering the option of device exclusivity in determined markets.

MoraEllipse Handling.jpg

Mora Ellipse will help avoid most of the misuse situations known by other devices on the market. For a better patient satisfaction rate. Among the most common dry powder inhaler delivery failures were the following: 

  • The push button was not pressed or correctly released to activate the device.

  • The respiratory air path was not correctly closed after inserting the capsule.

  • The capsule was not penetrated by the needles – the spring(s) got stuck.

  • The capsule has shown only one penetration mark instead of two.

  • The capsule did not “vibrate”.

  • The drug could not be fully extracted out of the capsule.

  • The patients fail to exhale completely before inhaling the drug

  • The patients fail to hold breath after inhaling the drug.

Modular Structure of the Mora Ellipse and Filter Options

Filter Nesat.png
Filter mematec Standard.png
Filter High Volume.png

Standard Filter

Nesat Filter







High Volume Filter

The Molding Tools are Made in Germany which guarantees a high molding quality.


Operation of the device

Simulation of Device Handling (Prototype)

Piercing of the capsule

Simulation of Device Handling with Capsule


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