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Ostrea Haler


Why choose Ostrea Haler?

  • Its construction is modular - its outer case is highly customizable according to customer needs. It may be printed with the commercial name of the drug, batch number and expiry date.

  • It is reliable and economical

  • It uses an optimized and market-tested gearbox to ensure the therapeutic dose is delivered.

  • It is patient friendly - easy to grip and carry, easy to use and is highly efficient as it requires a low force to operate.

  • It is equipped with an incorporated dose counter to help accurately monitor the dose intake and warn the patient when a replacement is needed (60 filled cavities).

  • Automatic indexing of the strip by opening the cover.​

  • Manual or automated assembly possible


Utilisation Guide

It was assessed that nearly 90% of patients using inhalers made at least one mistake in their inhalation technique, causing a deficient drug deposition in the lungs. Therefore, we took it on us to create a device that is so easy to use that it almost intuitive. However, it is critical to effectively train patients in the use of the devices.

In just four easy steps, our device delivers the drug to the lungs, easy and effortlessly. Absolutely no hand-breathe coordination is needed and it employs the patient’s inhalation energy to aerosolize the drug.


We offer our clients a competitive device, both in pricing and feasibility. Last but not least, we are open to offering our clients the possibility of obtaining competitive advantage in the market by offering the option of device exclusivity in determined markets.

Utilisation Guide OH.jpg

We can provide consulting and intermediation support from early stage manufacturing - first generation tooling - to commercial volume multi-cavity molds and high-speed automated assembly.

The pilot molds are produced in Germany. Production molds are also produced in Germany at Mematec pre-selected partner companies using High German Quality.  However, if required, these molds can also be produced in any other country of the world at local costs.

To download the product info-sheet, please go to the Download Center.

Assembly of the Ostrea Haler

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