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About Us

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Company Overview

Mematec Solutions is a world class supplier of exquisitely engineered pharmaceutical solid devices - DPI's (Dry Powder Inhalators) to be used in the treatment of the COPD (Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease).


We also provide technology and regulatory consulting to companies wanting to launch DPI and MDPI products onto the market - providing support in product design, engineering and formulation as well as support for creating the documentation required by the regulatory bodies.

Our understanding of powder formulation, powder filling, foil handling or even assembly is based on more than 20 years’ experience in leading positions of well-known machine manufacturing companies.

We are a small team, flexible and dynamic enough to offer optimal project management and client support. Sound experience of plastics molding is part of the core competence. Our team covers the total cycle of device development from powder formulation to the end of line packaging.


The sum of all the above makes our company unique in the world market.


We focus on creating successful long term partnerships and pride ourselves to be a trusted and reliable partner. We strive to create balanced partnerships where the risks and benefits are evenly distributed in order to create a smooth cooperation for all parties involved.

Of utmost importance for us is delivering high quality services and products for an optimal end-user experience.


Mematec Solutions is a Business Unit of Mematec, a company offering special sporting equipment as well as consulting services, located in Freiberg – Germany

Mematec Solution was founded to offer a better alternative for the COPD Inhaler Market through quality engineering and smart design.

Our mission is to work relentlessly on improving our products in order to provide a better and more qualitative end-customer experience.

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