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GeniusHaler - Double API Device


Why choose GeniusHaler?

  • Number of parts to the reference product 24 vs. 7 for the same invitro performance

  • Competitive market price, simple in filling and assembly process

  • Reduced investments in comparison to the Ellipta DPI for the manufacturing equipment

  • Precisely molded cavities as metered chamber

  • Cavity volume 80mm³

    • target fill weight defined by the filling machine

    • future powder blends with less density can be offered


Turn key solutions means, ready-made solutions that can be easily deployed in your business:

  • Finished device design with invitro equivalence data

  • Filling and assembly equipment for clinical trials available

  • Test machines in laboratory for early testing of customer formulations

  • Service in establishing the CE required documents for EMEA

  • IP protected by PTC Patents in EU, USA, India and China

GeniusHaler Machines

  1. Cutting Module

  2. Filling Module

  3. Sealing Module

  4. Assembly Module


Cutting Module


Foil Preparation Table (Disk Cutting)

In this step the trays are loaded with the aluminum foil, which will then be punched into rings in the cutting unit.

The aluminium foil is manually pulled onto the tray, clamped and cut to the final length.

The finished trays will be transported to the cutting machine for the next step.

Cutting Disk

Sealing Module


Assembly Module




If you wish to receive more information about this product, please contact us! 

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